Happy Happy Holidays ya‘ know

Time is short, life is hard, so here’s your f*ckin‘ x-mas card.
Somehow it was a crazy year, we did start recording the new album, found out it needed some more time, changed this and that, build our own little recording / rehearsal ramshackle hut at Peter’s house, recorded some more stuff here, spend some more recording time at tonetemple studios and the great team there, had to deal with death, families, sickness and broken bones, found love, lost friends, but never lost faith in us and your support and love for our music and art.

Is it all worth it? Sure it is when we are listening to the awesome songs we wrote, it all comes together so clearly, so true. Thank you all so much from the bottom of our hearts for your patience. It will be done, soon. Have a great holiday season, party hard and stay true in what you believe. We will do the same!

Picture: moltenmetalmerch